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Outdoor Boudoir

I've photographed boudoir in a variety of outdoor locations, including a farm, an automobile junk yard, in the woods, in a golden meadow, in someone's back yard, and more. Mary did her boudoir session for a groom's gift that she could give her fiance on their wedding day. She wanted to make it as personal to him as possible, and he operated heavy equipment for a living. Her father lent us his industrial equipment yard and she used a hardhat as a prop. Her sister made this orange top for her, which is adorable and fitting to the setting.

If you choose a location that is private to you, or where no one else has done boudoir, your images will be completely unique to you. Some suggestions for fun outdoor boudoir ideas:

  • Ocean
  • Lake
  • River
  • Woods
  • Blooming orchard
  • Field or meadow
  • Auto junk yard
  • Industrial yard
  • Farm with equipment
  • Fall leaves
  • Snow
  • National Park

Outdoor boudoir photography