Modesto Family Photography

If you're looking for a creative and natural family photo session, you've come to the right place. I've been photographing families for over ten years and have worked with all types of groups, from a couple with a dog to extended families that include best friends and godparents. My sessions and photos are timeless without trendy props or overprocessed images, with a mix of posed and candid photos.

Why should you take family portraits every year?

Just like life, your family is constantly changing. Children grow up fast and parents who don't do annual photos regret it later because they can't look back at how their family grew. This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your family and create special memories. As your children grow up to have their own families, these pictures will be passed down through the generations.

Indoor or outdoor?

As your family grows and your children get older, an in-home family session is a great way to capture and celebrate your family traditions. Put on matching pajamas and jump on the bed. Bake cookies in the kitchen. Read books to your babies. There are so many options!

If you're looking for epic portraits with gorgeous landscapes to hang on your walls, an outdoor family session is what you need. Each season has its beauty. In the spring, the central valley is full of blooming orchards. Summertime is great for photos in the forest with a waterfall or lake. Of course, everyone's favorite season is fall with its beautiful foliage and cool weather. In the winter, take a chance and go to the snow!

Why hire a professional family photographer?

Have you ever gone on vacation and handed your camera to a random stranger to take a family portrait of you and your clan? The photo was horrible, wasn't it? While Mark and I were in Italy, we saw a family struggling to take a group photo with a DSL camera. One of the teenagers was trying to take the photo, and she seemed very stressed. So, we walked over there and asked if I could photograph them. I moved them, adjusted the setting, composed, and shot. When I handed their camera back, the family freaked out over how good it was.

The formula for family portraits seems easy, but it is not, especially when the group is large. Stacking and posing people is an art I've learned over the years in both family sessions and wedding family formals. Lighting is crucial. Have you seen those family portraits with dappled lighting? That means there are splotches of light and shadow everywhere. If you're going to trust someone to document your family, choose someone you can really trust.

You always want to hire a professional photographer for newborn photos because of safety. There are specific things I do to ensure the safety of your precious baby. Posing can be dangerous, so it's important that the photographer knows what they are doing. I don't have a newborn studio, so I am skilled at doing these special pictures safely in the comfort of your home.


Full Session - $500
90-minute portrait session
80 high-resolution images
Printing rights

Service Area

Modesto, Ceres, Manteca, Merced, Sonora, Columbia, Jamestown, Tuolumne, Sierra Nevadas, Pinecrest, Donnell Vista, Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Central Valley, and other Northern California forests.

We do not travel to the San Francisco Bay Area due to muggings.