Dawn Kelly Photography
Black & White Bridal Portrait
Yosemite Elopement Bride Spinning
Yosemite elopement walking through meadow
Bridal Portrait Glacier Point
Bride Getting Ready
Destination Yosemite Microwedding
Winter in Yosemite
Fall in Yosemite
Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom with Yosemite Falls
Bride in Maggie Sottero gown
Bride and groom in Yosemite
Pinecrest Elopement
Bridal fine art portrait
Bride and groom Yosemite elopement
Dog Bridesmaid at Intimate Wedding
Bride and groom kiss in Yosemite meadow
Black and white photo of groom smoking cigar
Bride and groom at Tunnel View Yosemite

Creative Northern California Wedding Photography

Wedding photography preserves memories and tells our future generations about who we were. This gallery of wedding photos will transport you back in time. You'll see tears and laughter, excitement and nervousness. Most importantly, you'll see love between two people as they become one in marriage and join their families together.

What is your dream for your wedding day? Close your eyes and imagine it. How do you want it captured? Now imagine what your future generations will see. Do you want them to see trendy, over-processed images, or natural, authentic and timeliness images that show your love and the heartbeat of your wedding day? That's what we strive to provide.

If you're looking for the best photographer in Modesto, California Central Valley, and Yosemite National Park, go through my gallery and see the quality of the photos and the love I put into them.