Modesto Maternity Photography

What are maternity photos?

A maternity photo session is a beautiful way to celebrate your pregnancy and show off your growing baby bump. The session includes posed and candid photos of you, your partner, and any other children in a gorgeous outdoor location.

Are Maternity Photos Worth It?

Pregnancy is a great time of anticipation leading up to a special life event. Maternity photos will capture your growing and changing family and remind you of this magical time when you grew a tiny human in your womb. Birthing a child is the most incredible and important thing a human can do. You're bringing forth life and creating a child that is part of you and your partner. Building a family is an exciting time!

You're pregnant, glowing, and beautiful! Getting your hair and makeup done and putting on a stylish outfit will transform your view of yourself. You will feel beautiful and empowered like the goddess you are.

These photos will be precious family heirlooms to pass down through the generations. I can't help but think of the movie The Family Stone. Meredith meets her boyfriend's family during the holidays. Everyone is staying in Everett's parents' house, and it's very clear no one likes her. But when it came time to exchange gifts, Meredith hands out identical boxes to every family member. When they open them, the room gets quiet and tears come to everyone's eyes. She made copies of a maternity photo, Everett's mother pregnant with his sister. In one scene, the entire family bonds, including the outcast Meredith. That illustrates the power of photographs.

When to do your maternity session

Ideally, you want to have the largest, roundest belly possible. 30 to 34 weeks works well for my clients.

What if you're on bed rest, but still want those baby bump photos? No problem! I can come to your home. Have someone come over to help you with hair, makeup, and getting dressed. We can do beautiful images of you and your partner on your bed, on the couch, on a rug, in the nursery, etc. In-home lifestyle sessions are very intimate and special because they document your life.

How to prepare for your maternity session

My maternity packages include planning and styling. I will help you choose a location, a theme, a color scheme, and your wardrobe. I'm skilled with posing and lighting, so no need to pin photos to copy or worry about not looking good. I will show off your amazing curves in the most flattering way possible.

How to choose your maternity photographer

It's important that you choose a photographer with experience that you vibe with. You want to feel comfortable during the planning process and during your session. Here are some tips:

  • Start early. Don't wait until you're 30 weeks pregnant to start looking. Photographers typically book at least two weeks out, and you'll need time to prepare.
  • Google "Modesto maternity photographers" to see who is in town. Start at the top. The photographers listed at the top are generally the most experienced and have the most developed websites. Go to their websites. Look at their galleries and read all the information they have about maternity photography, including their FAQs.
  • Read their reviews on Google and Yelp. Read Yelp reviews on a computer so you can scroll down to the end of their reviews and click on "other reviews not currently recommended." These are reviews that have been filtered by Yelp.
  • Make a list of your top three photographers.
  • Email each photographer for detailed pricing and information. Ask them questions that will help you decide. If they refuse to email you pricing and want to talk on the phone instead, take a pass. That is a sales technique used for the "hard sell."
  • Compare everything you've researched and choose your photographer. Email them directly to set up a phone consultation and book a date.

What to wear for your maternity photos

I will help you plan your wardrobe! Here are a few quick tips:

  • Dress according to the season. A spring maternity outfit is much different than a fall outfit. If it's going to be cold outside, wear long sleeves and tights with boots under your dress or pants to stay cozy. If it's summertime and very hot, do not wear a sleeveless dress or top. Off the shoulder and draping, short sleeves are much more flattering.
  • Create a Pinterest board to gather your inspiration.
  • Choose a color palette that goes well with the background. So, if you're doing photos in the fall, choose deeper shades like olive green, mustard yellow, burgundy, and brown. If you'd like to do a formal winter session in the snow, choose colors that will contrast well with the snow, such as black, emerald green, and red. For a sunset session on the beach, choose colors like tan, cream, pink, and blue to complement the sky.
  • Check out my What to Wear Pinterest board!

What to bring to your maternity session

You will want to pack a bag to bring with you to your outdoor maternity session.

  • Touch-up makeup
  • Hairspray
  • Ginger candy
  • Coat if it's cold
  • Blanket to sit on that blends with your wardrobe

If you'd like to incorporate pets, be sure your dogs are trained and well-behaved. It's no fun chasing a puppy for a mile. Be sure to bring:

  • A fancy collar that matches your wardrobe
  • Leash
  • Treats
  • Dog whistle

Creative maternity photoshoot ideas

See more maternity photos on my blog! Pin them to your Pinterest board for inspiration.