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Candid Ceremony Moment: Bride Crying

This is one of my favorite moments from this Pinecrest Wedding. The venue was the very cool, laid-back Lair of the Golden Bear at Camp Blue. This is a campground owned by UC Berkeley, perfect for a destination wedding or a wedding retreat. It is nestled in the Stanislaus mountains in Tuolumne County, North of Sonora.

The bride and groom brought 50 guests, consisting of family and closest friends. Everyone got to stay in the tent cabins and enjoy the hiking and activities throughout the weekend.

When the bride's mom got up during the ceremony to read her part and wish the couple well, the bride started to cry and wipe her tears. Her blue and gold sari is traditional Indian wedding ceremony tradition, and was worn by her aunt on her wedding day. What a sentimental family heirloom!

Location: 1 Camp Blue Rd, Pinecrest, CA 95364.

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