Central Valley engagement session

Engagement Session: Couple with Puppy

Tips for Including Your Dog in Engagement Photos

  1. Talk to your photographer so they can be prepared. You may need to schedule a longer session to account for working with fur babies.
  2. Make sure your location is dog friendly and find out the rules. Some parks have designated places where dogs aren't allowed. A leash is usually required.
  3. Exercise your dog before the session. Dogs are notorious for getting crazy and running around when they're outside in a new location. Burning off some energy beforehand will help.
  4. Bring pet supplies, such as treats, a water bowl, and poop bags.
  5. Try accessories, such as bow ties, floral collars, or garlands.
  6. If your pup is high maintenance, bring a friend of family member the dog is familiar with for help.
  7. If your dog needs grooming, have it done a week in advance, not the day before.
  8. Be prepared to engage and play with the dog during photos. Bring their favorite toys.

Location: Modesto, California.