Modesto boudoir photography

Central Valley Modesto Boudoir Photography

When planning a boudoir session, wardrobe is at the top of the list. But how do you know what looks good on you and what your partner will like?

First, determine what parts of your body are your favorites, as well as what parts are your partner's favorites. Then, think about what parts of your body you'd like to downplay because they aren't your favorites. Choose lingerie that shows off your assets and camouflages your insecurities. A corset cinches the waist and gives an hourglass figure, while a bustier or push-up bra shows off your breasts. Don't beat yourself up! Every woman's body is different and therefore each client needs their own style and type of lingerie.

How do you personalize boudoir photos? You can add wardrobe pieces that are personal to your significant other, such as a button-up shirt, a sports jersey, or a prop representing a hobby he loves.

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Location: Modesto, California.