Mature boudoir client portrait

Modesto Mature Boudoir

I love working with all ages of women in my boudoir studio, and working with mature women is the most rewarding for me. Cindy came to me because she needed to do something that was for HER. In her testimonial, she said, "I had spent my entire adult life (had my 1st child when I was 19) making sure others’ needs were met, while my needs were put on hold."

How did her session change her? "Working with Dawn gave me a confidence in myself I thought I never had, a strength I thought I never had, power I thought I never had. To this day I feel empowered. I conquered a fear, and with the help of Dawn Kelly, conquered it successfully! It has literally changed my life! Thank You Dawn, for everything. Thank You!"

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Location: Modesto, California.