Dawn Kelly Photography
Black & White Bridal Portrait
Fine art portrait bride Vintage Gardens
Black and white photo of groom smoking cigar

This gallery of wedding photos will transport you back in time. You'll see tears and laughter, excitement and nervousness. Most importantly, you'll see love between family and friends, and the beginning of these couples' lives together.

We have photographed weddings in a vast variety of locations, such as Monterey, the Santa Cruz Mountains, Napa Valley, Lodi vineyards, the High Sierras, Pinecrest Lake, Sonora, and Modesto. Our favorite venues in the Modesto area are Vintage Gardens, The Century, Pageo Lavender Farms, and little backyards.

The most majestic, beautiful place we photograph elopements is in Yosemite National Park. I grew up right outside the park, so it was my back yard. I'm very familiar with the layout and different ares, which makes me the perfect person to work there. My favorite time of year to shoot in Yosemite is the autumn because of the fall leaves and beautiful light.

My goal is to be as different as possible, while creating art that our clients will cherish for a lifetime. You can then pass down your wedding album through the generations so your children, grand children, and so on can continue to love them forever. Wedding photography is meant to preserve memories and tell our future generations about who we were once, and where they came from.

I specialize in all types of film, and am known for my black and white work. While I love taking unique portraits of brides and grooms, I really enjoy taking natural candid photos.

If you're looking for the best photographer in Modesto, California Central Valley, and Yosemite National Park, go through my gallery and see the quality of the photos and the love I put into them.