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Calaveras Big Trees Engagement: Bride + Groom Between Giant Sequoias

The sequoiadendron giganteum is the world's largest living organism. The trees are endangered, in part to the clear cutting that happened almost 100 years ago and in part to the changing soil and landscape of California. Today, Calaveras Big Trees state park protects two large groves of sequoias. If you want your engagement photos to scream "CALIFORNIA!" having these massive trees in your photos will do it!

More Interesting Sequoia Facts

  • The have the thickest bark on Earth
  • They depend on forest fires to regenerate
  • They're resistant to disease
  • They grow from a tiny seed: 91,000 of them add up to a pound
  • The largest giant sequoias in Calaveras Big Trees State Park is 3,200 years old
  • The cutting down of sequoias led to the birth of the National Park Service

Location: Calaveras Big Trees, California.

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