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Q: What is your photographic style?
Who I Am
I would say that I don’t fit neatly into one “style.” My weddings are a blend of photojournalism and classic photography. Our tagline says a lot about us: “Unique. Elegant. Timeless.” I want your photos to be different than anyone else’s. I want you to look at your photos and realize they are all about YOU, not about me. My biggest pet-peeve in wedding photography is overdone, overprocessed, overposed images that are done to show off. Your wedding isn't the time for me to show off, it's the time to capture you and your family as you are.
I try to be non-obtrusive and hands-off when I shoot. The worst thing a wedding photographer can do is be obtrusive, in the way, and distracting. Believe me, your guests don't want to see my butt through your entire ceremony. You don't want my camera in your face all day long. You don't want to hear, "Wait! Do that again!" or "Pretend to do this" all day either. It's my job to capture your wedding as it is. Period.

Who I’m Not
One thing I definitely don’t do is follow trends. If you’re looking for a photographer who will work off a Pinterest board or copy poses from a magazine, I’m not the photographer for you. If I’m tied to a long list of photos, I won’t be free to capture the artistic and photojournalistic images that drew you to me in the first place.
If you’re looking for a super traditional photographer who will take only posed photos or a lot of photos of you smiling at the camera, I’m not the photographer for you. I will photograph you in artistic, romantic ways. I want to give you those sweep-you-off-your-feet images, those OMG-they-look-so-into-each-other images. My photography is all about emotional connection between you as a couple, and I don’t feel I can capture that if you are just smiling at the camera.

Q: Do you shoot film or digital?
I shoot film! I love it because it’s artistic and authentic. I like to use a mixture of 35mm and vintage Polaroid instant film. Typically, we only pull out the digital camera for embarrassing photos of each other. Read more about this on our About page.

Q: Can we get the black and white images in color?
No. All of my black and white images are taken with true black and white film, so the images can’t be printed or scanned in color. If you have a preference, just let me know.

Travel & Coverage

Q: How much are your wedding packages?
Check out our Pricing Page.

Q: How many photographers will cover our wedding?

Q: How many images do you take and how many do I receive?

Q: Do you travel? How much is it if you have to travel to shoot our wedding?

Business & Policies

Q: I saw on your website that you limit the number of weddings you take. Is that because my wedding isn’t good enough for you?
Absolutely not. In no way are we trying to be insulting, or make you feel like you’re not good enough or cool enough. We do limit the number of weddings and elopements we accept because we strive to provide the best customer service and quality of work possible. We can’t do that if we are over-booked. We spend a lot of time with our clients, guiding them through the entire process, from the initial planning to the delivery of their album. The last thing I want is to take so many weddings that I burn out and lose the love for what I do, or worse, provide lazy or sub-par work. We are a boutique studio, so we take fewer weddings per year than most photography studios.
Your wedding photos will be one of your most precious belongings. You deserve to work with a photographer that you connect with, has the time to give your wedding all the attention that it deserves and that can capture the true essence of your personalities. We want to make sure we’re a good fit, that you will have fun with us on your wedding day, and that you will LOVE your photos. That’s the most important thing.
Many factors go into deciding which weddings we photograph, including (but not limited to) our calendar and travel schedule, number of current bookings, type of venue, and your specific needs/desires that you have for your special day.

Q: I live out of state (or out of the country). Can I book you over the phone or via email?
Sure! I've booked many weddings and elopements over the phone. We can have a telephone or video call consultation, and any paperwork that requires signing would be emailed to you. You can even pay online via Square. I try to make it as easy as possible.

Q: Your contract says I can't use consumer labs, such as Walmart, to print my photos. Why can't I print my photos wherever I want?
We get this question a lot, which is understandable. This policy isn't in place to make things difficult for you, or to force you to buy prints from us. Simply stated, when you upload your photos to a consumer lab service, and you agree to their terms and conditions, you hand over all rights to those photos. That means they can use them any way they wish. This negates our contract.
In addition to the legal issues, they do a terrible job making prints. If your photos are important enough to you that you've hired a professional photographer and paid over $2,000, don't cheat yourself on the quality of your prints. You won't be happy with them.

Q: Do you have insurance?
Yes, we are fully insured. If your venue requires a certificate of insurance we can provide one for them.

Q: Do you offer Military discounts, mid-week discounts, or off-season discounts?
We do not offer discounts.

Q: How do we secure our date with you?
We require a contract and a $1,000 retainer fee to secure your date. As stated above, we can do this in person or online.

Q: I had to cancel my wedding. Do I get my money back?
No. The purpose of your retainer fee is to hold your date, and once you book that date, we turn down all other jobs for that date.