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Modesto Boudoir Session: Taiylor

This is the most rewarding boudoir session I've ever done. Taiylor had a lot of body image issues, bordering on body dis-morphia. When she looked in the mirror, she truly believed she was ugly, hideous, fat, and unacceptable as a woman. It broke my heart because she's so kind and absolutely gorgeous. I met her when she came in with a friend to model some clothing for my online store. I gifted her a boudoir session because I knew it would help her confidence.

After she received her photos, when she filled out her boudoir questionnaire, I was blown away. She stated that even though she was insecure, I made her feel comfortable and at ease. When she received her photos, they changed the way she looked at herself.

In her words: "The shoot made me feel powerful. At first I was sad, it made me realize how negatively I viewed myself before this shoot. I would pick myself apart and criticize every single part of my body. This shoot made me embrace my body and fall in love with it. I cried when I got some of the pictures back, because I didn’t think I was capable of actually seeing beauty in myself."

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Location: Modesto, California.