Dawn Kelly Photography

Modern, Unique, and Stylish Modesto Boudoir Studio

My boudoir studio is in my home, and my clients really love it. It offers comfort and privacy. With a bedroom to change in, a full bathroom, and two studio spaces, my clients don't feel cramped or uncomfortable.

I have state of the art lighting and unique decor. I love my wall of mirrors, as well as the branch light fixture I made. These elements make it possible for me to create artistic and creative pictures that are like no one else's.


To me, a good boudoir session should be sexy, classy, romantic, and flattering. I have been a boudoir photographer for three years, and I am skilled in posing all body types, which will ensure you have the best photos of the best version of yourself. I'm also experienced in flattering women of all ages, and rather than trying to hide your age, celebrating the beauty of it. I do very little retouching, and try to keep the photos as raw and natural as possible, because I feel women are their most beautiful when they're sincerely themselves, vulnerable and confident at the same time.


My studio now has a selection of lingerie and wardrobe pieces, such as bodysuits, teddies, bralettes, nightgowns, corsets, and rompers. It can be very intimidating to go shopping for outfits to wear in your boudoir pictures. What looks good? How do you choose the best outfits for your body? Don't worry, I'll help you and guide you to ensure you're wearing the perfect, most flattering outfits.


Be sure to read through my Boudoir FAQ page for detailed information, and contact me to set up a consultation.