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Central Valley Modesto Boudoir Photographer

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir is a sensual style of portrait photography that is intimate and sexy. Often, photos are taken of a women in lingerie, topless, or nude. The images can be as modest or erotic as the client likes. Her favorite pictures are arranged in a special keepsake album, which she can gift to her romantic partner.

A Gift You Give Yourself

Have you struggled with confidence? Do you want to do a boudoir session, but are too nervous? You're in good company, because almost all women feel the same way. I know I did before my boudoir session. The experience was incredibly empowering, and I even cried on the way home because I felt so free. I was no longer hiding myself. When I received my images and saw how beautiful and exotic I looked, I fell in love with myself again. I saw how my husband sees me and how I should view myself. I never thought I could beat my insecurities, but I did, and you can too.

My Style

My photographic style is timeless, natural, creative, and artistic with an edgy twist. I am a 100% film photographer, so my work is a bit grungy as well. I love to play with shadows in color and black and white images, bringing out grain and interesting shades.

I photograph traditional boudoir images, as well as topless, implied nude, and fine art nudes. Building trust while taking the photos is important, so you can feel free to be authentically you. While I'm working with you, I will guide you through posing and work hard to flatter your figure with the best lighting. The ideal boudoir photo captures the woman's personality while sculpting her body with the perfect pose and light.

My goal is to provide a mixture of art, playful images, and classy photos that your significant other will love. Larger than that is my dedication to make you feel empowered, sexy, and glamorous, while capturing your natural beauty. Regardless of size, shape, age, or walk of life, you are beautiful as you are. I specialize in working with mature clients and plus size women as well!

My Studio

My private boudoir studio is in my home and includes two studio spaces. One is an open room with a wall of vintage mirrors, a white wall, and a large window. The other is a bedroom space with a one-of-a-kind creative light fixture, a bed, a mirror, and two windows. My personal bedroom is used as a changing room and a large bathroom is available for hair and makeup touch-ups.

If you'd like a truly unique experience, an outdoor boudoir session is a great option as well.


When planing your session, communication is very important. Before you book, we will have a full consultation to make sure our personalities click and your desires match my style. We will talk about what you want to accomplish with these photos. Why are you taking them? Is it a bridal boudoir session for your groom on your wedding day? Have you been married for many years and feel you've lost your sexuality and femininity? Has your body changed drastically and you'd like to learn how to love it?

We will also talk about what kind of photos you'd like. How much skin would you like to show? Are you interested in modest, romantic images, or suggestive and edgy? Do you want to do topless or nudes? Once I know all of this, I can guide you with your wardrobe.


Every woman wonders what to wear to a boudoir photography session. It can be very overwhelming, so I help each of my clients with this process. I ask specific questions, such as:

  • What are your favorite parts of your body?
  • What are your least favorite?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What is your partner's favorite part of your body?

This helps me guide each client to the proper wardrobe, by suggesting outfits that will accentuate your best features and downplay the ones you'd like to camouflage. I provide a curated Pinterest board and a list of lingerie stores.

For more boudoir outfit ideas, check out my Boudoir Guide.

Makeup and Hair Styling

Having professional makeup and hair styling for your boudoir session has many benefits. This experience is as much a treat for you as it is for your significant other. Looking glamorous in front of the camera will boost your self-esteem and confidence, which will help you through this intimate experience. Remember, the more confident you feel, the better your images will turn out!

I have a very skilled, professional, and experienced hair and makeup artist who comes right to my studio. If you have your own artist you'd like to use, that is great too.


History of Boudoir Photography

Sexuality and nudity has been celebrated in art for thousands of years, and sexualized photography dates back as early as 1840.

During World War II, while the men were at war, the government created campaigns with sexy photos of women. It was meant to motivate young men to go to war, with slogans like "Come home to your girl a hero." This gave birth to pinup photography. A famous portrait of Betty Grable with her "million dollar legs" was distributed to more than five million troops during WWII. That's motivation to keep going alright!

Boudoir photography was introduced to the mainstream public in the 1980's, with portraits of women wearing their husband's white button-up shirt over a black bra and panty set. The craft of boudoir photography has changed drastically, ditching soft focus, boring images with impact and sometimes dramatic forms of art.