Marcia and Joey met at work when he was hired at a pet store. She was his manager, and even though their dating was against company policy, they found themselves falling in like with each other.

A few weeks after meeting, a coworker invited them to trivia night at a local bar. Long after everyone else went home, they were talking and getting to know each other. They realized just how much they liked each other, and decided to go for it. For several months, they dated in secret, then Marcia changed jobs so they could be open about their relationship.

My favorite thing about them is how Marcia says, “Joeeyyyyyy…..” like a giddy school girl. It’s the cutest thing ever. I also love how clumsy she is and all the funny noises she makes when she trips in a meadow.

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What Marcia said about Joey:

“What first attracted me was his politeness, sense of humor, and of course his handsomeness! Also his incredibly strong work ethic and sense of integrity. We share a lot of the same values and life goals, and we always have a good time with each other no matter what we’re doing. What I love most about him now is how much he cares and loves for me and the many ways he shows it. He will do anything to make me happy and is so supportive no matter what. He eases all of my fears and insecurities- I’m really insecure and it’s hard for me to trust people but because of all of the love he showers me with, and his strong sense of commitment, he has totally eliminated that insecurity I may feel in a relationship. He is by my side when I’m depressed until I get out of it and then we always have fun with each other even if we’re doing chores or errands. So many times we have the same thoughts and feelings it really does feel like he’s literally my other half. He’s my best friend and I can’t imagine being without him.”

What Joey said about Marcia:

“What attracted me to Marcia at first was her smile. I remember when I first met her, I showed up to work a day early from when I was supposed to due to poor communication from another part of management at the pet food store we worked at. She had this look of not expecting me there, and she got a little awkward and started smiling this big grin. She handled the situation very well, and I just remember after that day that I really liked her and wanted to get to know her better. Now that we have shared a good part of our life together, Marcia has made me grow so much more as a person. She has stuck by me through some really hard times, and I couldn’t imagine how I would’ve handled those situations without her. Marcia has supported me through many of my major life decisions and has shown me support to following my dream to work on cars for a living. I am now living my dream as a body tech, and I have only one person to thank for me finally making it, and that is Marcia. My life has improved so much since I met her, I was so lost without her, and now everything I do feels like it has a purpose to make Marcia and my life a life we will forever cherish. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with a better person.”