Wanderlust doesn’t even begin to describe Megan and David. From the time they started dating, they’ve been traveling the world together, exploring the United States, Asia, India, and much more. Megan was struck down with food poisoning in India, and when David left her alone in their room all day, she was pissed. Here she was, half dead, and he just casually leaves. But when she found out where he had gone, it changed her life.

The next day was her birthday, and they’d gotten up early to tour the Taj Mahal. They marveled at the sun rising above the glorious dome, reflected in the long, rectangular pool. When Megan stopped to look at the map, David got down on one knee and waited for her to turn around. When she did, she was shocked and confused, then thrilled. Of course, she said yes and accepted the ring he had left her sick and alone to go purchase. It was a perfect day.

Their Yosemite elopement was another perfect day, taking photos all over the park and exchanging vows under a big tree in a meadow. These two laugh so much together, there’s no doubt they’re best friends who find each other fascinating and entertaining. It’s the kind of relationship that’s easy. When you find that, never let it go. It’s a rare thing.

They did their first look in the trees along the Merced River. I fell in love with these awesome, prehistoric-looking tree roots.

Megan wore the simple “Julienne” gown by Reformation, which she purchased used on Poshmark! It was stunning, elegant, easy, and romantic – perfect for a Yosemite elopement.

This wooden walkway is very popular, and there are a million photos of it. I worked hard to make something unique in this amazing Golden Hour light.

They chose this beautiful spot to exchange vows and rings, sealing their love for each other. The golden sunlight coming through the trees was like a dream.

How perfect is this owl tattoo for this wedding?

The bride’s hair and makeup was done by Tasha at Bella Makeup & Hair Design in Fresno, California.

When the sun got low in the sky, the temperature quickly dropped. Megan put on this adorable little faux fur stole to keep warm, and add variety to their photos. I love how “Old Hollywood” she looks!

Tunnel View is one of my favorite spots in the park. It’s got history and a stunning view.