Hannah saw Mitchell first. She was a nurse and he was their handsome maintenance man. As he was putting together chairs, she flirted with him. Flirting led to their first date, and just like that, they were inseparable. They chose Yosemite for it’s wonder and simplicity. They love to travel, so a destination wedding made perfect sense.

Flowers – The Enchanted Florist & Whatnots
Hair & MUA – Creating to Inspire
Officiant – Sara Hohman

Mitchell’s two boys absolutely adore Hannah. They are a beautiful blended family!

What does Mitchell love about Hannah? Her smile, laughter, and sense of humor. Regardless of what’s happening in their lives, she can always make him laugh.

What does Hannah love about Mitchell?

“His soul is even more beautiful than his exterior. He is such a wonderful person with such a good heart. He adores meĀ  and will do anything to make me happy, even if that means sacrificing his own needs before mine. He is my support, he is always there when I need him whether I need a shoulder to cry on, a good belly laugh or for him to be my calm, he is there. With him, I feel safe, loved, accepted and appreciated. He is also a wonderful father to his two sons and my step children.”