Shortly after they fully committed to each other, Chris surprised Tiffany with a birthday trip to Salida, Colorado.  The weekend included a surprise dog sledding excursion through the mountains, and that wasn’t even the best part! They visited Mt. Princeton hot springs, and while relaxing in one of the pools and looking up at the stars, Chris told Tiffany that he loved her for the first time.  It was a magical night and it has been a magical journey ever since.

Their day in Yosemite was no less magical, beginning with a ceremony at Swinging Bridge under the fall clouds. Their parents were present, blessed to see such a beautiful and funny ceremony.

Chris was first attracted to Tiffany’s fun, outgoing personality. They make each other laugh over the silliest things. Tiffany’s vows may have included promises to watch Chris’s nerd movies.

Tiffany and Chris love to travel and explore, so Yosemite was a great choice for them.

Tiffany purchased her dress from! The long sleeves added interest and kept her warm.

Tiffany and Chris have been through a lot together. They met in Albuquerque while playing the very mature sport of kickball, and immediately became close friends.

They didn’t have a traditional beginning, dating on and off for over a year. Their relationship grew naturally, built on shared interests and fun trips. There is a pretty substantial collection of jumping photos.

Their relationship hasn’t been without challenges. They’ve moved several times, sometimes together, sometimes separately. During the summer of 2015, Tiffany tricked Chris into moving to Atlanta. They both fell in love with the city and have been very happy there ever since.

In December 2017, right before the holidays, on a quiet night at home in front of their Christmas tree, Chris nervously proposed. His wing man, their dog Otis Redding, was there to help him out.