“If you want something different, you’re paying for your wedding on your own, not looking forward to going into debit for your big day, if your wayyyyy over the stress of wedding planning, and are looking for an adventure and fun filled wedding get into contact with Dawn and start planning your trip to Yosemite, now! If that isn’t enough to convince you, look at the quality of her work, I’m sure your search will be over. I can’t say enough positive things about Dawn.

If you’re a little bit of a type A personality like myself, you may find it extremely hard to leave something as significant as wedding planning in the hands of a stranger who lives on the other side of the country from you. Not to mention, you’re planning a wedding in a place you’ve never even been to before. Honestly, the idea sounds as crazy as I felt when explaining it to my family. I feel comfortable speaking for myself and past brides (and grooms) when I say, fortunately, Dawn walks you through every single step like you were solving a math problem for the very first time. I know that sounds silly, but as a young bride, having Dawn’s guiding hand was a huge weight off of my chest. After contacting Dawn, we planned to have a phone consultation to talk more in depth about my ideas for my wedding, pricing, and more. Speaking of pricing, you’re getting an amazing deal with Dawn, in her packages (which can be customized) you get hours of photography, hundreds of photos, help planning your visit, recommendations for accommodations, and more. Not to mention the quality of the photos! Furthermore, you get to explore so many different places in Yosemite and take pictures all over the park. It is definitely a plus that you get to ride in Dawn’s car with the a panoramic sunroof. You get nature views from every angle, talk about amazing! I was able to afford a great package that Dawn offers on a college student budget. If I can do it, anyone can.

If I ever needed anything leading up to the wedding, Dawn was just an email away. She always replied quickly. I was always worried about having an outside wedding because of the possibility of rain, but Dawn always assured me that we would get amazing pictures rain or shine and have a great time while doing it. If you don’t believe me, just check out her website or instagram @yosemiteweddingphotos. On the day of the wedding, I had no worries. Dawn’s expertise and passion towards her job really made this a breeze for myself and my family while in the park (there were twelve of us if that give you any prospective). I honestly could not have imaged/had a more incredible wedding with amazing execution from Dawn and her team. They even had a personalized snack basket for my husband and me to enjoy while riding through Yosemite. I know nothing in life is perfect and you cannot always expect everything to go as you plan, but with Dawn and her team prepare for everything. You won’t regret choosing Dawn Kelly Photography!”