Jamie and Neil were dream clients. Easy to get along with, fun, and sweet, they made my job pretty easy. Thank you for the amazing review, guys! Congratulations on starting your new life together!

I rate Dawn Kelly Photography 5 stars for our Yosemite elopement — 1. For customer service, 2. For price, 3. For quality of photos and elopement day.
1. In regards to customer service, Dawn always makes you feel like a priority. She is responsive, prompt in her responses, knowledgeable, reassuring, and professional in dealing with any issues that pop up along the way. In a nutshell, hiring her for our elopement meant she consulted with us before booking, created and planned a timeline of wedding day, advised on lodging, transport and permit questions; coordinated, photographed and drove us through Yosemite on our wedding day; and helped us after the wedding with some of our paper work and photo questions. She played a HUGE role in our wedding– customer service was paramount, and had it not been for her great customer service, the day and the days leading up to it, would have been much more stressful.
2. Dawn Kelly Photography’s all inclusive packages are very reasonable in price– check her elopement guide..ranging between 3 and 9k, but including everything..planning, coordinating, photography, photos, hair and makeup, officiant, video, album, flowers, cake…and customizable. I had never been to Yosemite and it seemed too complicated to figure everything out on my own. It was definitely worth it having Dawn’s expertise..things became less stressful, AND we could afford the wedding on our own!
3. Last but not least, the photos. Every photographer has their own style, so I advise you to check out her sample photos online to get a good idea of her style.  We love our photos and they are just what we wanted and more.
All in all, we had the wedding day of our dreams, with beautiful photos to capture it, and will treasure them forever thanks to Dawn Kelly Photography.