Hannah and David are dream clients, so much fun, so chill, and open to creativity. They’re also incredibly loving and sweet people. They wrote us this INCREDIBLE review, so I had to share!

“Trust me, Dawn is the right choice. You don’t even need to keep reading.

My husband and I were planning a traditional wedding, and neither of us were enjoying any part of it. I had an “aha!” moment one day when I wanted to rip someone’s head off for asking me about wedding planning. I knew I shouldn’t be feeling that way. That same night, I was knee deep in Yosemite elopement research (it’s our favorite place, so that’s why the research started there). I was sifting through dozens of websites for officiants, photographers, people who offer the whole package. You name it. Nothing stood out. I was just as overwhelmed as I was before. Then I landed on Dawn’s website. I shot her an email, and she called me back in less than a day. I knew as soon as I talked to her that I didn’t need to talk to a single other photographer. She was the one.

Dawn has a passion and enthusiasm for what she does. She makes you feel like your event is her only priority. What you see is what you get with Dawn. You can read her Yosemite Elopement guild and FAQs and blogs and get an amazing feel for who she is and what she’s about. She’s got an artistic eye and knows what she’s doing. She says that she shoots documentary style, and I freaking LOVE that. My husband is a very mild mannered and soft spoken guy. We would have never gotten such genuine and beautiful photos with any other photographer. Dawn didn’t force us to pose or replicate every other “adventure” elopement you’ve seen on Instagram. She photographed us interacting with each other naturally, and it delivered amazing results. She was so easy to work with and made us both so comfortable. We were both so relaxed and able to enjoy our day. I spent months before booking Dawn being worried that our photos wouldn’t be great because my husband would never possibly relax enough to look like he actually liked me in a professional photo. Dawn alleviated that worry instantly. Every single person comments about how in love we look in our photos. I am so grateful that Dawn was able to help my husband be comfortable and really show how we feel for each other on film!

In addition to our photos, Dawn also planned the timeline of our day because she is the expert on Yosemite traffic and lighting. She knew exactly where to go and when. We hopped in her car and she drove us all around the park to take photos in both planned and unplanned places. Anywhere that struck her eye, we stopped, and it really paid off! We have so many fun and unique photos unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Lastly, Dawn’s assistant Lindsey married us. She was so adorable and wrote the most insanely perfect ceremony you could ever imagine. I could not have asked for a better ceremony or sweeter officiant.

If you are even slightly considering eloping or ditching your current wedding plans to elope, DO IT. You will not be sorry. Better yet, do it with Dawn!

Even if you’re looking for a photographer for a traditional wedding, I cannot imagine getting any better than Dawn. She’s the sweetest soul with an insane dedication and passion for what she does.”