I have the best clients in the whole wide world and you can’t convince me otherwise! All of our 2019 couples were fun, sweet, gracious, and kind. Ashley and Bryan left us this AMAZING testimonial, and I’m in tears reading it. Thank you Ashley and Bryan! You are the best and we wish you many lifetimes of happiness!

“Stop looking. Call Dawn RIGHT NOW. Seriously, if you are a bride or groom looking for someone to help you have the best day of your life- a day you can actually spend enjoying marrying the love of your life, not a worry or ounce of stress, and have it all captured beautifully…you need Dawn Kelly. If you want to hear our story, keep reading. Really, you don’t need to keep reading to know that Dawn is the only choice if you want your wedding day to be a dream come true.

My now husband and I fell in love with Yosemite National Park when we traveled there a year into our relationship, so when he got down on one knee and popped the question, there was no doubt that we wanted to get married in Yosemite. Beyond that, however, I had no clue what I was doing. We lived in Texas, and didn’t know about how the permits worked, how to schedule it all, etc. Above all other things, I was MOST nervous about booking the photographer…my now husband is so shy and does NOT like taking pictures. The thought of 4 hours of photos throughout Yosemite sounded like a nightmare to him. LISTEN- DAWN WAS MAGICAL- he actually ENJOYED the day filled of taking photos! She also captured BEAUTIFUL pictures and did something hardly anyone can ever do- she got pictures of him smiling! Yes, my shy, sweet husband, looks just like his true happy self in all of our wedding photos.

After searching the web a while, I stumbled on Dawn’s Yosemite Elopement Guide (on her blog) and immediately felt reassured that I could make our dream wedding come true. I’m naturally very anxious, no matter what, so doubt and worry is just a part of what I deal with any given day. From the moment we spoke with Dawn and Skyped with her, all my worries washed away. We chose one of Dawn’s fabulous Yosemite Elopement Packages—BEST DECISION EVER. Anxious me was worried about living in Texas and being too far to get a makeup and hair trial before the big day, but it turned out to be PERFECT. Anxious little me was worried about how the bouquet might turn out, but again, it turned out PERFECT. Even living states away from our wedding spot. Dawn, and the people she chose to work with for the package (like my makeup and hair artist and the florist), had this magical way of hearing exactly what I wanted and made sure my wedding day was a true dream come true.

Fast forward to the day of our wedding- everything went according to the plan Dawn set up for me- she set up a perfect timeline and thought of every little thing from makeup, to flowers, even to the timing of when we would get married because she knew the lighting during that time of the day in that spot would be perfect- and it was. After my makeup was beautifully done by Summer Barker (who Dawn suggested), I went to put on my dress and became panicked about a little issue I was having with my dress. It didn’t fit quite as I would’ve liked in the “chest” area, as I had lost a lot of weight before the big day. Dawn showed up as I was panicking, and dove right in to help me and assure me that all would be okay. THAT was already above and beyond what she should ever have to do, and she did it. Because Dawn CARES. You will feel how much she cares about you and your day the moment you meet her. From there, she captured a “first look” for me and my husband to be.

We drove to the wedding spot, enjoyed a beautiful ceremony with our closest family members there to witness the most beautiful day. We then spent the rest of the day with each other, driving in Dawn’s car (she even had snacks and waters for us! Every little thing is thought of!) through the breathtakingly beautiful Yosemite National Park and stopping to take pictures to capture the moment. I have been to and a part of a LOT of weddings and never have I witnessed a bride and groom get to spend the day relaxing, enjoying time together, and smiling more than me and my now husband got to on our wedding day. It was absolutely perfect. Our photo shoot ended at Half Dome right as the sun was setting (I TOLD you, Dawn thinks of EVERYTHING- even times the timeline perfectly) and then we finished the day by celebrating at a dinner with our family.

If you made it this far in reading my review, you might be a little anxious like I was about making the right decision for your big day. Trust me, I never write reviews…just CALL Dawn. You will be making the best decision. :)”

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