Sarah and Mike traveled all the way from Philadelphia to elope in one of the most beautiful places in the country, Yosemite. Like a couple of crazy kids in love, they secretly ran off to get hitched. Yosemite is undeniably romantic, the perfect place for lovers, and a secret elopement is as romantic as it gets!

When Mike first met Sarah, he was first attracted to how bubbly she is. “There are many things I love about Sarah, but most importantly I love that she makes me a better version of myself every day,” he said. ” I love how she makes me want to grow with her and grow together. ¬†She makes me smile when I think of her and picture us growing old together. Sarah has a way of not taking life too seriously and sometimes I take things too serious, we balance each other so well.”

These two make a beautiful couple. There is an ease to the way they are together, as if they’ve known each other forever. It’s clear they are in love, and it’s also clear they are best friends. They’ve both been through trying times in their lives, making them strong independently, and even stronger together.

Dress: David’s Bridal
Suit: Studio Suits
Flowers: Events22
Hair & Makeup: M.U.A.H. by Summer

Mike had a custom suit made by Studio Suits, and it was beautiful! He got to choose the fabric for the suit, as well as the lining. I love the wolves he chose. The designer even put their date on the inside of the jacket. What a perfect touch!

They stayed at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel (previously The Ahwahnee), and the room was beautiful. They chose a larger room with a seating area, which was perfect for getting ready.

Mike’s shark socks were pretty awesome. Fave so far!

They were cutting down trees throughout the park, and there were piles of wood everywhere. It was beautiful and had a lot of texture, so we used it for photos. It definitely helps tell the story of the always growing and changing park.

We had a bit of an audience as these tourists walked by during the ceremony at Swinging Bridge. People are always fascinated by the bride and groom.

These two were excited about getting married, and excited about telling everyone!

Never in my career have I seen Swinging Bridge with no one on it. We were so lucky to get the photo below!

I always take a few Polaroid instant photos so the couple has something to take with them that day. It also lets them see how fabulous they look, and they can use them to announce their elopement!

Tunnel View was swarming with photographers. We had no idea everyone was waiting to photograph the super moon! It was the perfect, most romantic way for Sarah and Mike to finish their elopement day.