When Cody took Amelia to Yosemite for the first time, it was the first day of the rest of their lives together. As they drove in from his parents’ home in Groveland, the road opened up to show Yosemite’s iconic view of El Capitan, the Three Brothers, and Half Dome peeking out behind them. It was still pretty dark, the sunrise on its way, and she knew there was something up.

They won the lottery to hike to the top of Half Dome (and it’s a good thing they did). As they hiked, Amelia started having problems with the altitude, which is common. She rested and said, “It’s okay, I can do it!” Cody was thinking, “Oh no…… Oh no….. I have to get her up there!” as Amelia was thinking, “I have to get up there. I can do this, I’m in shape! I’m pretty sure there’s a ring up there waiting for me!”

She was right! At the top of Half Dome, he dropped down on one knee and presented her with a gorgeous engagement ring.

Flowers: Events22
Hair: Braided Blonde Locks
Gown: Nataliya Lucia Meyer at Lucia’s Sarto Custom Sewing
Boots: Tory Burch

They met on a dating app called Bumble, which gives all the power to the woman. As soon as he saw her photos, he fell for her beauty, especially her big beautiful eyes and little dimpled chin, which still makes him smile. He knew there was something special about her because her profile was funny and witty. He sent her a message, but he knew the app only keeps the message for 24 hours after making a “match.” Then he waited. And waited…. And waited……. as he continuously checked his in-box. Bumble gives you one chance to extend the match only once. He didn’t know the app would alert Amelia that he was quite anxious to talk to her.

When she saw his profile, his smile is what got her, and minutes later, she messaged him back. They texted back and forth all day long, and Cody had never laughed so hard in his life. He knew this woman was special, but there was only one problem. She lived 130 miles away. She asked when he would be in Kansas City next, and he fibbed and said, “This weekend!”

That weekend he drove to Kansas City for the first time to meet Amelia and go to an outdoor concert and movie showing. He’ll never forget the first spot he saw her in person for the first time, a moment that would start an incredible journey. He was crossing the street when he heard his name and turned to see her, big beautiful eyes and dimpled chin.

As Amelia was walking from her car to meet Cody, she saw him before he saw her, and he stopped her in her tracks. He was so tall with legs for days and so handsome, standing out in the crowd. She called his name and he turned around.

They spent every weekend together, and they always had such an amazing time together, laughing and having fun. Every time Cody would go home, his cheeks hurt from laughing. As they both say, the rest is history!

Amelia wore Cody’s grandmother’s mink jacket to stay warm, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Cody was so excited to marry Amelia that he broke out into a spontaneous happy dance. I wish I had recorded it, but it happened so fast and I was laughing so hard!

Amelia’s vows were truly beautiful. She warned Cody that he would cry! She said, “I vow to bask in the warmth of our love, and to always call the space between your arms “Home.” She loves Cody’s positive outlook on life and the way he sees the world. He’s there for her, no matter what, helping her though any challenges she experiences, and she does the same for him. They call themselves a “Team.”

Amelia’s parents weren’t able to be there, so Cody’s mom’s “sister,” a best friend since childhood stood up for her. Michele was a fabulous Mama to Amelia, going with her to get her hair done and supporting her through this entire elopement experience.