Many couples consider whether or not engagement photos are important. Some couples decide they’d like to save the money, and some have a friend/non-professional take their engagement photos. But there are SO many benefits to doing professional engagement photos! For one, many grooms are quite uncomfortable in front of the camera…

Benefits to taking professional engagement photos:

1) This is like a practice session with your photographer. Not only do you get to practice being in front of the camera, but you get to see what it’s like to work with your wedding photographer. Often times, the groom is super uncomfortable in front of a camera. Doing this session makes him see that getting photos taken aren’t that scary! He will trust us as photographers better and be much more comfortable on the wedding day.

2) This is a great time to get to know your photographer personally, and for your photographer to get to know you. The better we know our clients, the better their wedding photos turn out. We shoot in a very natural, photojournalistic way, so knowing if you as a couple are goofy, romantic, serious, silly, casual, formal, vintage, etc gives us a leg-up on shooting your wedding. We will know better how to pose you and your bridal party, how hands-on or hands-off you want us to be, how to photograph your wedding details, and how to capture your ceremony. We strive to bring your personalities through in your photos, so it’s great if we KNOW your personalities!

3) It gives you variety in your home’s wall art! You are going to hang some of your wedding photos in your home, but you don’t want EVERY photo of you guys to be from your wedding in formal dress. Engagement photos are more casual than wedding photos. Also, if your wedding is in the fall, we’d do engagement photos in the spring, or if your wedding is in the summer, we can do engagement photos in the winter. This gives you an entirely different look because of having a different setting AND a different season, in addition to your casual dress.

4) Occasionally we do engagement photos for couples who are getting married out of the area and using a different photographer for their wedding. These clients typically want the photos for Save the Date cards and/or wedding invitations, as well as a photo guest book and a nice print to put up at their wedding. The importance of using a professional photographer applies here, because you want to be able to buy a nice guest book and put up a high-quality print at the reception – items you will be proud of.


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