Sarah and Nick’s wedding at Pageo was perfectly beautiful. The theme was The Great Gatsby, and Sarah did a brilliant job with all the planning and decor. The centerpieces were beautiful vases with stacks of vintage books. The china, flatware, and glasses were all vintage circa 1920. Her dress! Oh … her … dress … Allure Bridal in blush with tulle for days and Chantilly lace. I swooned. The ceremony, the photos, the flowers, all went perfectly. Then dinner came, and Sarah ended up very disappointed.


“What is this?” I asked Mark, poking at a weird patty of meat. “I think it’s chicken?”

“No, I think it’s tuna,” he said. “Is it tuna? Or chicken? It tastes like tuna… Well kind of like tuna…”

The caterer had ROYALLY screwed up the food, serving NOTHING Sarah had asked for, and giving us some weird mystery meat, which made quite a few guests sick. Poor Sarah was embarrassed, going around to tables apologizing, because that’s how she is, a perfect hostess with impeccable manners. When she came to our table I said, “Oh hey, where’s the mac and cheese?” because Sarah and I had both been very excited for the gourmet mac and cheese.

“They forgot it,” she said. “Everything is wrong. It’s terrible.”

I assured her that it didn’t matter. Her wedding was GORGEOUS, unique, and fun. This one thing wouldn’t ruin her day. And it didn’t. Everyone had a blast, toasting with vintage champagne glasses, laughing, drinking, and dancing. (See their gorgeous wedding here: Sarah & Nick ~ Pageo Wedding)

And the mac and cheese even made an appearance! At midnight, the catering chef put out the tray of cold, congealed mac and cheese, calling it a “Midnight Buffet” as swarms of flies dive-bombed it. So gross.

All of these catering mistakes led the caterer to not get paid (because he didn’t serve ANYTHING they’d asked for), and he went out of business, which is no shock considering how HORRIBLE his customer service was throughout the planning.

Moral of the story: Inevitably, something is going to go wrong at your wedding. It may be small, like flowers wilting, medium, like the stylist making you late, or huge, like a giant monsoon or food poisoning. But at the end of the day, you’ll be married, and that’s all that matters. Hopefully my little column helps you brides out there feel like you’re not alone when something goes belly-up. It’s all good! Just have another glass of champagne and dance the night away!