We got such an amazing testimonial today that I have to share it with everyone! Alma and Joe really showed us some love.


“My husband and I came across Dawn’s webpage by chance. We had been looking for a photographer for our wedding for a while, but just couldn’t find the perfect match! At our first meeting with Dawn we just clicked. She has such a warm, bubbly, and welcoming personality. Dawn’s talent caught our eye, as she captures special moments with film and using natural light. When people ask me how my wedding went I always say, “Well, just about everything that could go wrong did, except our photographer(Dawn); she was the only thing that went right.” Dawn was early at our venue and she picked the best rooms to take pictures. She was just so calm and helped me relax as I was stressing out. Our agenda did not go as plan as our car broke down the day of the wedding, but Dawn was so helpful as she went above and beyond her call as a photographer by being my therapist and partly even a wedding coordinator! We had over 30+ pictures of our wedding within three days and had all our pictures about three weeks later! I am in love with my pictures and I get teary every time I see them because I can see the joy and happiness of our special day. She captured not only the moments, but the memories that will last a lifetime. I admire her work ethic and how astonishing she is as person and as a photographer. None of our pictures where edited, but all of them were breathtaking! No one I know is that cool or talented anymore! My husband and I are so happy to know that we have found our family photographer!” ~ Alma & Joe

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