A wedding day is super fun for everyone … and then it’s time to do family formals, and everyone is like, “Whah whah whahhhhh…..”  Definitely NOT everyone’s fave part of the day. Our job is to make family formals at weddings painless, fun, and creative, while keeping in line with the theme of the day. We like to laugh, capture natural moments between loving family members, and create beautiful images that can be put in an album for generations to come.

I’ve selected some examples so y’all can see how we roll! Enjoy!


At Jessica and Bobby’s wedding, we were blessed with a gorgeous location.  I chose this little (literally) spot between a tree and the gazebo for several family photos.  It was too small for the large groupings, but we were able to do all their smaller groupings there, and it lent great variety to their album.  Here is a photo of a natural moment that unfolded between Jessica and her father, and what we call a “Sisterly Love” photo of her and her sister Alexandria.


Bobby and his uncle Barry (who performed the ceremony) have a special relationship.  We had to capture a goofy moment between them to break up the monotony of family formals.


When I say “keeping in line with the theme of the day,” I mean that the style of the family formals should match the style of the wedding.  For example, when we do a formal church wedding, we keep the family formals … formal.  We go for a properly exposed, happy, traditional portrait.  Lesley and Earl’s photos at Holy Rosary Church in Hilmar are great examples of that.




Caitlin and David’s ceremony was held in the super cool concert hall of their church, making it a bit less traditional.  The ceremony was very romantic and the family is very fun and close, so I asked them to recreate the awesome dip-kiss they did for their ceremony so the family could be part of it.  It turned out to be one of my favorite wedding family photos ever.



Brittany and Kyle’s Vintage Gardens wedding was semi-casual and elegant, and their family formals reflect that.  No matter what we are going for, whether it’s natural, creative, or even super unique, we still get the traditional shots, such as the photo below of Brittany and her sister Morgan looking at the camera.  Those camera-aware photos are very important to the couple, as well as the family.  Then I added their mother, Susan, because I know how close these three women are.  To demonstrate their closeness, I asked them to throw their arms around each other and give lots of love.  The resulting photos are beautiful, touching, and precious.  Susan LOVES them.




Sometimes we are blessed with amazing children with amazing little dresses and suits.  This is Sarah’s immediate family at Sarah and Nick’s wedding at Pageo Lavender Farms.  It was a formal garden wedding, so I wanted to get nice formal photos framed with the little girl’s dresses.   And then…



I took out most of the adults and focused on the kids.  They’re beautiful, and this is my favorite kid photo from any wedding we’ve done.




For more wedding photos, check out our Weddings Gallery!  Cheers!