Megan and Colby are the real thing. Adventurous, intelligent, and funny, they make an unstoppable duo. When they met, they became fast friends because of their shared love of climbing, and a relationship grew. While Colby had been climbing outdoors for a while, Megan had only climbed indoors. “She’s come a long way,” he said as they talked about their climbing journey together. He taught her everything he knows, and now she’s an official badass!

Of course, Colby proposed in the middle of a climb. He chose the Second Flatiron climb in Boulder, Colorado because he wanted something close enough to home so they could do it again as a married couple. He also chose a non-difficult climb so they could continue to do it as they got older, and they could bring their future children there to climb as a family. I know, I almost cried when I read it the first time too!

It was right after the Leap of Faith, where you have to jump from a ledge down onto the rock below. (How symbolic is that?!) He pulled the ring out of the box and put it on his climbing harness¬†when he finished his part of the Leap of Faith climb, and he swears she looked right at it before he proposed, but she didn’t see it at all. She was too busy taking in the awesome views.¬† After she finished her part of the climb, and they were getting ready for the next part of the climb, he asked her how she thought we were going to continue and pointed to the path behind her. She looked back, and then turned around to answer, and that’s when he had the ring out and proposed!

Yosemite was the perfect place for them to seal their relationship forever. It is the climbing mecca of the world, yet they’d never been there! As we were taking photos up at Glacier Point, they kept turning away from the camera and staring at Half Dome, mesmerized. “We’re climbing that tomorrow… Brunch at The Majestic is starting to sound really good right now.”

Fifteen hours of grueling climbing got them to the top, and it was the best climb of their lives.

Megan got her adorable and gorgeous lace dress from BHLDN. If you’re getting hitched in Yosemite, check out their web site, because their dresses are awesome and unique, and perfect for this type of elopement.

Megan said she thinks a lot of the Yosemite wedding photography out there looks the same. So I was happy I did the photo below!

Megan changed out of her heels to walk through the meadow, so she just went barefoot on this adorable wooden path that runs through Sentinel Meadow. I think it’s super cute.

These two have amazing chemistry and have tons of fun together.

I truly believe that couples need to laugh together every day. It keeps things light, releases stress, and helps you not take yourself so seriously. These two have that down!

Megan lost a little too much weight (what a problem to have!), so her dress kept coming undone in the back. We fixed it with a safety pin that their climbing guide, Gary, had with him. He sure was handy to have around.

There was a mama deer with her baby and they were SO CUTE! I tried to get a photo of Megan and Colby with the deer like I usually do, but this little one was scared and leaped away before I could.

I absolutely fell in love with Megan’s dress, especially the back. The open back with lace is so feminine and romantic.