I’ve always loved the getting ready portion of a wedding day. I get to see so much joy and laughter, as well as quiet, pensive moments like this one…


This is Morgan (in 2006) getting ready shortly before the ceremony. I love how moody the photo is, and how the light tells a story. These are the final moments of Morgan’s single life. At my wedding, I didn’t stop to think about it as we were rushing to get ready. Things were NUTS, it was raining sideways, and we suddenly needed a plan B for the reception. But I have the photos, and there are a few of me getting my makeup done where I look kind of terrified, and several of me looking incredibly excited right before I became a married woman. Moments are fleeting, but a good photographer can capture just the RIGHT moment – a quick pensive expression, or a smile of pure joy. The moment is then frozen in time. Isn’t that magical?

I’ve always been very pensive and very intuitive of how people are feeling. When it comes to photography, that is quite a gift that I’m very grateful for.