In November of 2017, Julie and Stephen embarked on their very first international trip together to Egypt. Stephen carried the engagement ring all the way from Reno, California to Egypt, and throughout their first full day of sightseeing around Cairo. The ring was in his pocket as they learned about papyrus, rode camels, explored the Great Pyramids, and admired the Sphinx. It wasn’t until the very end of their day, tired and hungry, that he saw the perfect spot. Stephen then asked permission from a local police officer to climb over a wall so that they could stand in an open area for a “quick photo”. Under the guise of the perfect photo op, Stephen convinced Julie and their guide, Aasem, to climb the wall. They handed their camera to Aasem and posed for a few photos. When Julie walked over to Aasem to see how the photos were turning out, Stephen got the ring ready. Stephen then asked for just one more photo and as Julie turned to pose for the photo, Stephen got down on one knee! And as they say… the rest is history.

Hair & MUA – M.U.A.H. by Summer Bridal Team
Flowers – Events22
Gown – Mercy by Rebecca Ingram for Maggie Sottero
Video – Legacy Weddings

As soon as Stephen heard Julie’s footsteps behind him, he lost it. It was the sweetest first look I’ve ever done.

Julie purchased her gown in a charming boutique, The Bridal Box in Roseville, CA. The dress came with cap sleeves, and Julie had the 3/4 length sleeves added.

Julie said, “His smile and his playful and positive attitude first attracted me to Stephen. I still love those things but now what I love most is his kind heart, his sense of humor, his desire for adventure, and the amazing father he is. Watching him with his daughters makes me fall more in love with him each and every day. He also has a way of calming me down or cheering me up when I need it most. We may be opposites in many ways, but he is just what I have always wanted and needed in a partner. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world!”

Stephen said, “To be completely honest, my attraction to Julie started when I was first introduced to her at the office by one of our coworkers.  The moment I saw her she instantly caught my attention with her beautiful smile, hair, eyes, ears, stunning body and the cute mole under her nose. She would also do this cute pose that I just loved seeing. I refer to it as the “tiger paw”…. she slightly tucks her head down and to the side, smiles, twitches her nose, looks me in the eye and swipes at me with her hand.  Over time as I talked with Julie and got to know who she is I fell in love with how sweet, caring, compassionate, smart, silly, adventurous and funny she is.  I love that we have completely different personalities and that she gives me the love and support that I have been looking for all of my life. Every time I look into her eyes I can tell that she absolutely loves me and that makes me so happy.”