Dani and Chris have been together since 2010, high school sweethearts. He had a huge crush on her and texted her to ask about homework. They moved in together during college and supported each other though their college and grad school careers.

She has always loved how he is a go-getter. He always knew what he wanted and he wasn’t afraid to do whatever he had to do to get it. (Including marrying the girl of his dreams.) Her favorite thing about him now is his selflessness. He not only takes care of her, but her family as well. He knows how important they are to her, and has made it clear that they are just as important to him. He’s also very accepting of her flaws, especially when she’s hangry. He just feeds her and slowly backs away.

Chris loves their teamwork, her ability to read him, her intuition (she is always right even when he disagrees), her passion for her job, her care for others, her willingness to adventure, and how angry she gets when he eats or throws her food away.

Gorgeous flowers provided by the talented team at The Enchanted Florist in Oakhurst.

Dani and Chris had an amazing time with us in Yosemite, and they left us an amazing review:

“Dawn is truly amazing in everything that she does. My (now) husband and I were over the whole wedding planning idea and started researching destination elopements. We came across Dawn, checked out her website and Yosemite Elopement Guide and immediately knew she was what we needed.

We got lucky, as she usually books far in advanced, and booked an October elopement in August. Dawn replied to all emails almost immediately and we finally set up our phone consult, and then video consult.

Dawn created a timeline for our elopement with all of the best spots in Yosemite, making sure that we hit each spot that was important to us. She also handled the flowers and has a hair and makeup team, so as the bride you really don’t have to worry about ANYTHING!

Finally, the day came and we met with Dawn and her assistant/officiant, Lindsay. We already felt like they were part of our family from the first second of meeting them. Both Dawn and Lindsay are extremely professional and amazing at what they do.

We had our ceremony, and Dawn and Lindsay made the best effort to include our family in everything (they even allowed us to include our dog and treated her no different than our human family members! Hello, what is better than your pup at your wedding?!)

We could not be happier with our pictures and the overall experience with Dawn and her team. It seriously doesn’t get any better than Dawn Kelly Photography.”