Kathrin and Nick first met eleven years ago when they were sophomores at the University of Maine. They had a class together and were paired on a project. They got along well, but later that year, Kathrin transferred to another school and they lost touch. Two years later, they ran into each other at Portland’s Old Port on the Maine coast, and the attraction was immediate and intense, unlike either had experienced before.

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What Kathrin said about Nick:

“First of all, Nick is so handsome. Second, when we first met, he had a very laid back personality that was extremely fun but drove me crazy at the same time. Couple that with a ridiculous sense of humor and I was hooked. If you ask Nick, he would tell you that the initial attraction had more to do with our first trip to Cabela’s. Nothing special happened; I just took him to his favorite store. If you ask me, I would say that we felt a level of comfort from the very beginning that allowed us to be exactly who we are. Even after so many years, Nick still has the ability to make me laugh every single day. His giggle and dance moves are infectious. No matter my mood, he always manages to draw out a smile. Nick has mastered the art of the little things. Whether it is a sweet note on the window of my car, or a surprise whoopie pie in his lunch box, he always manages to insert love in the most unexpected places. Nick is also one of the most motivated people I have ever met. Month over month, he surpasses the competition at work. When it comes to working out or completing a project at home, there is no such thing as procrastination. He is encouraging, supportive, and so determined to build the best life possible. Not to mention, the world’s greatest dog Dad to our muffin North!”

When asked what he loved most about Kathrin, Nick made a long list of her amazing qualities, including: Trustworthy, fun, loving, caring, understanding. He also said he loves her laugh, humor, companionship, work ethic, cooking, and gift-giving abilities. He loves that she’s there for him, and that they are building memories and a future together.

Why did Kathrin and Nick decide to elope? In their words:

“Like every couple, once we got engaged we had to figure out exactly when, where and how we wanted to say our I Do’s. We spent months visiting different venues, deciding on a time of year and trying to figure out who we would invite. Even after all the time and energy spent, we still had a difficult time finding the perfect combination that felt right to us. It was stressful and we didn’t always agree. At times it felt like the wedding was no longer about us.  So we took a break from all the planning; did some soul searching, arguing, laughing and even crying.

Ultimately, the decision to elope was an interesting one. Nick has always wanted to elope, but he knew I would never go for it. Six months into our engagement, we were camping and talking about what on earth we were going to do. Partly joking, I suggested to Nick that we just elope because it sounded so much easier. Of course he loved it.  Given the fact that we wanted something unique and remarkable, we felt that a courthouse wedding or tropical destination was not for us. Instead we combed the internet for ways to combine our wedding with some of our favorite things (hiking and traveling) into one amazing experience. A number of National Parks ranked high on our list of locations, but once we hit Yosemite we fell in love. Half Dome at sunset? Yes please! The idea of having to hike into the spot where we are going to actually get married isn’t common in Maine, but we’re so ready for the challenge.”