Another set of lovebirds ran off to Yosemite for a secret elopement! March is usually fairly sunny in the park, mixed with a little rain here and there. This year, we had such a late winter that there was no snow in December or January, and we got a ton of snow in March. Theresa and Charles put on their hiking boots, grabbed umbrellas, and braved the day. It was so romantic and fun!

Hair & MUA: M.U.A.H. by Summer
Flowers: Events 22

This bouquet by Events 22 is my favorite thus far. The unique, bright spring flowers added a pop of color in among the snow and mist.

When I asked Theresa what attracted her to Charles, she said, “His intelligence and irreverent sense of humor was what first attracted me. While those are still things I love, what I love most now is his desire to help people and his generosity. For example, he will buy a box of Girl Scout cookies from the troop at the grocery store, and then open the box and give it to the kids to eat. Or when he finds change on the ground, he collects it and then donates it all to the Salvation Army in the red buckets; Chuck believes it’s not his money, even though he found it, and that others need it more than him, so he passes it on.”

I don’t know about you, but that truly warms my heart.

When I asked Charles what attracted him to Theresa, he said, “She was smart, hard working and honest and always did the right thing. I love her commitment to family and her great work ethic and her willingness to share.”

After spending a day with these two awesome people, I can see how special they truly are, and why they love each other so much.

When I asked Theresa to share special stories about their relationship, she said, “Chuck is an Eagle Scout, so he spent a lot of time outdoors, hiking and camping. I grew up spending time outside on family farms. Our shared love of the outdoors prompted Chuck to encourage us to go for “surprise hikes,” or an unexpected walk or hike through a park we were driving past. I started keeping tennis shoes, a sun hat, sunblock, and bug spray in my car, as I never had on the appropriate gear! These then morphed into “exploration vacations,” where we have a destination in mind but take the long, scenic route, stopping at attractions and parks on the way. Our first such vacation was out West, to Yellowstone. On that trip we drove through Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota, stopping at Wall Drug, the Badlands, Devil’s Tower, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, and Pompeys Pillar along the way. This was the first time l didn’t have an itinerary and I fell in love with this way of traveling. Since then we’ve followed a similar process to travel to Door County, Arizona, North Carolina, Mammoth Cave, New York, and Kentucky. The journey truly is more important than the destination!”

A destination elopement was perfect for this couple, since they love to travel and explore! Now they can add Yosemite to their lengthy list.