2020 was quite a challenge for all couples trying to get married. Courtney and Ben postponed their Yosemite elopement from the spring due to COVID shut-downs. This time, they were determined. The park was full of smoke, some areas a total whiteout.

In the morning, the bride threw herself on their bed sobbing, and the groom calmed her down, reminding her that they were getting married, and that’s all that mattered. Plus, it’s an excuse to come back for an anniversary shoot!

If any couple could make it through this, these two could. They’ve known each other since first grade, and have a fierce friendship. 2020 made them even stronger.

Hair & MUA: Wildflower Bride
Officiant: Sarah Jourdan
Flowers: The Enchanted Florist & Whatnots
Gown: Rue De Seine

“Ben and I have gone to school together since I was in kindergarten and he was in first grade. We never spoke actually, but I was friends with his younger brother Greg growing up. He had come back from college in Arizona and his brother wanted us to meet. I thought that was a terrible idea because I thought Ben was jerk. We ended up having a lot of fun together that night and we have been together ever since. 9 years later.”

Their ceremony was held at Swinging Bride. The golden grass and smoke created a stunning environment. The couples’ immediate family were present.

From the bride:

“I was attracted to Ben because he has beautiful blue eyes and his confidence. I love Ben’s determination. He works hard to get the things he wants in life. He is kind and will do anything he can to help his friends and loved ones out.”

From the groom:

“I liked that Courtney approached me first. She was and is still gorgeous. She has grown into a mature and beautiful woman with strong aspirations. She is loving and generous.”

Courtney’s stunning boho gown was from the famed designer Rue De Seine Bridal!

Why Yosemite?

“Ben and I had gotten engaged a few years ago and we could not decide where we wanted to get married. We both did not want a big wedding. We had planned a trip to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco with our friends but they were not able to make it. I rearranged the trip so we could have a 2-night stay in Yosemite. As soon as we were in the park we knew that we wanted to be married there!!”