We had an exciting, fun, interesting, and hot day on Saturday with Alma and Joe. Their wedding was SO beautiful! Even though the church was late, the bride and groom broke down on the side of the road on the way to the reception, and the timeline completely fell apart, everything came together and worked out perfectly. Brick fired pizza, beautiful light, amazing location, and an adorable couple make ME pretty happy! Thank you, Alma and Joe, for trusting us with such precious memories!

Stay tuned for their photos, and in the meantime, enjoy the instant film we took. It was the first wedding I got to use my Polaroid 195, and we had a blast doing it. I love that the client watches me pull the film apart, seeing their photo developed before their eyes. It’s such a cool, retro, analog experience. Plus we were at the historic Whitmore Mansion in Ceres, which made the perfect backdrop.





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