Lauren and Steve had a beautiful, quaint wedding that was absolutely perfect.  They landscaped their property for the wedding, and they were joined as a family with their home in view.  We did their portraits in their front yard, which I think is incredibly special.  My favorites are of Lauren spinning her little girl Thea.  Some day, when Thea gets married on that property, Lauren will put this one in a slide show, and there won’t be a dry eye in the house.  What an honor it is for me to be allowed to capture these moments!

They met on while Steve was working in Alaska, and they talked via Facetime for several weeks.  When he came home, they went on their first date, and that’s when Steve knew she was “The One.”  Their first date was easy, trying on cowboy hats in a store, eating Mexican food, and playing pool (Lauren won both times).  Lauren knew Steve was “The One” on their third date; she’d never been so sure about anyone in her life.  She even texted her parents to tell them she’d found their future son-in-law.

Steve proposed on a boat on Lake Shasta.  It was Lauren’s birthday, and they found a secluded cove to swim and have a romantic picnic.  He waited until she wasn’t looking, and when she turned around, he was down on one knee.  She wasn’t expecting it, but was thrilled, and of course said yes!

We are honored to be the ones to capture this family’s first precious official steps together.  Thank you Lauren, Steve, and your families for including us in such an amazing day!


Oakdale wedding pics

There’s something very special about having your wedding on your own property, where you’re building a home together. I wanted to include those elements with every part of the day, including the detail shots. This is my fave image of Lauren’s dress.

Lauren is a country girl, so it was fitting that she wore these "something blue" cowgirl boots. I LOVED it!

Lauren is a country girl, so it was fitting that she wore these “something blue” cowgirl boots. I LOVED it!








Oakdale wedding pics

Sometimes you just need a group hug with your bridesmaids. Just because.




Oakdale wedding pics

This is one beautiful bridal party, isn’t it?! These women were amazing to work with–fun, cooperative, and supportive of Lauren.




Of course we had to do photos with the family fur baby!

Of course we had to do photos with the family fur baby!


Oakdale wedding pics

This might be my fave set of photos from the day. Lauren is twirling her daughter/flower girl, Thea on their front lawn. Some day, when Thea gets married, and she has the wedding on that same property, Lauren will include this photo in the slideshow at the reception.



Summer Artistry did an AMAZING job on Lauren's bridal hair and makeup, as usual.

Summer Artistry did an AMAZING job on Lauren’s bridal hair and makeup, as usual.













Oakdale wedding pics

Their first official family portrait! This needs to hang in their living room.


Oakdale wedding pics

Thea was not a happy flower girl. She was tired and cranky, so Lauren let her wear her necklace, which perked her right up! She’s such an amazing kid, very sweet and loving. Steve treats her as his own and together they have a beautiful family.


Oakdale wedding pics

I love this photo because of how they’re walking up toward their home. It’s symbolic of their entering marriage.



I might've gone a little loco with the fog.

I might’ve gone a little loco with the fog.


Oakdale wedding pics

It’s so special that Lauren and Steve took their wedding photos in their front yard. Wherever they migrate to, they always have that to remind them of where they started.



Oakdale wedding pics

A little film double exposure madness. I wanted to show that it was October and the leaves were starting to change.


Oakdale wedding pics

For this bride and groom portrait, I wanted to show a sense of time and place. Lauren and Steve live in a farming community in Oakdale, California, so the orchard was a perfect backdrop.






Oakdale wedding photographer

I love watching a bride and groom do their first dance. It’s such an intimate thing.


Oakdale wedding pics

Lauren and Steve did a cake contest. Each of them had a jar where people could contribute, and whoever had the most money got cake smashed in their face. It was pretty entertaining.






Oakdale wedding photos

I really really loved this country wedding. It was a quaint, intimate, tasteful, down-home, family wedding. I loved their hand-made lanterns. They gave the reception a personal feel, like, when they look at it, they know the bride and groom made it just for them. They appreciate their hard work on their wedding.