When I got this leather gallery wrap in the mail this week, I absolutely fell head-over-heels in love with it! It’s a fabulous option for clients who want something more traditional, yet unique. We don’t sell canvas for a few reasons: 1) The texture and traditional look doesn’t match our artistic, moody, and unique photography. 2) Everyone else sells canvas, and I want to be different.

We’ve had metal prints for several years, and they are very popular with our clients due to their modern look an cray brilliant colors. Also, all of our enlargements on Kodak paper are printed on their brilliant metallic paper. They’re absolutely gorgeous. Both of these options are unique and match our work very well, however, I’d like to give our clients even more options.

These leather gallery wraps are excellent quality, very sturdy, and have super awesome texture, which you can see below. Enjoy!