Yosemite is Diana and Tim’s special place. Living in Southern California, it’s not that far to make the drive once a year or so. They love to come to the park to unplug and relax, sight seeing and star gazing together.

Spending time in Yosemite is a great way for couples to reconnect, and believe me, it does wonders. Diana and Tim have a very strong relationship, both as friends and partners in life. They laugh together and support each other in everything they do.

They brought their immediate family with them on this adventure – Tim’s parents and Diana’s mother and brother. Family is important to the couple, and even though they wanted a destination wedding in Yosemite, they would never leave these precious family members behind. I’m so glad, because it made the day even more special.

I feel blessed to have met this amazingly sweet family!

Diana got ready in her room at Yosemite Valley Lodge. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with this lodge. It’s one of the oldest ones in the park, and the room was VERY small and dark, with few windows. I recommend skipping this place while looking for lodging in the valley.

Diana kept saying, “I don’t care about anything right now except Tim. I just want my husband.” So sweet and cute! They did their First Look at Cathedral Beach, and he was thrilled to see his bride. Tim has only seen Diana in a dress ONE other time, so he was anxious to see that wedding dress. He loved it!

Michelle at Events22, our amazing florist, did Diana’s flowers. I don’t usually like all white rose bouquets because they’re boring, but this one is gorgeous! So raw and wild, perfect for Yosemite.

Every Yosemite bride worries about their dress. “Is it going to get really dirty? Will it ruin it?” Trust me, your dress will be just fine. Wedding dresses are made to be sturdy, and a dry cleaner can always get dirt and debris out.

Diana and Tim’s family was SO cute! It’s an incredible family – kind and warm. They were very excited and loved taking pictures of the bride and groom.

The epic view at Cathedral Beach includes El Capitan, the monster that every climber wants to conquer. See the climbers up there?! You need binoculars for that, but believe me, they’re there. At night, the mountain lights up with the lanterns of climbers spending the night on the mountain. It looks like stars. Check it out next time you’re in the valley at night.

We had a little guest while we were shooting along the river at Cathedral Beach.

Yosemite is known for its meadows, and this is one of my faves to shoot in.


Those fall leaves came out for Diana! Fall is my fave time to shoot in Yosemite thus far, but this winter might change my mind!

Diana and Tim chose Lower Yosemite Falls for their ceremony. They pictured getting married among a grove of trees, and it was perfect. Lindsey, one of our officiants, did a beautiful job on the ceremony. There were tears all around.

Is there a prettier place to have family photos? I LOVED Diana’s mother’s traditional Korean garb. It was gorgeous lavender silk.

In the fall, the waterfalls aren’t rushing quite as much because most of the snow runoff is already gone.. If you want to have your ceremony at Lower Yosemite Falls, and you want a big, fat waterfall, spring is the best time.

On the way to our next location, we pulled over so I could capture these amazing yellow leaves.

Tunnel View looked like a pastel painting that day because of all the haze. It was quite beautiful, something you don’t see often.

Look at that rock on her finger! Tim did great picking that out.