Awesome couple + free jelly beans + AMAZEBALLS music + taco truck = BEST WEDDING EVER!!!

Holy crap, Amanda and Eric know how to throw a PARTY! This was one of those situations where I didn’t meet the bride and groom before the wedding because they live out of state. Amanda’s sweet mom, Jan, was the one I worked with directly. We were very happy when we arrived at Amanda’s parents’ home, the wedding venue, and met these super cool, down-to-earth, funny people.


As I’ve said before, I LOVE taking photos of the bride getting ready, so I had a lot of fun with her, her mom, and her girls in the bridal suite. The maid of honor was doing a beautiful job on makeup, but she struggled with the false lashes. Strip lashes are REALLY HARD to apply unless you have tons of practice. I was telling her how she needed to tuck them between the lid and the lash line with tweezers, and when I said I used to be a makeup artist, they sheepishly asked if I could help. I said, “Yeah of course!” So I got to play makeup artist and do lashes on Amanda and her beautiful daughter/bridesmaid.

If we shoot your wedding, we aren’t JUST wedding photographers. We’re there to HELP. I’ve redone bridesmaid hair, sewn a hem in a wedding dress, fixed flowers, etc. Mark is the go-to man for getting things from our emergency kit, getting stains out of dresses with Tide wipes, and fetching 7-Up for queazy bridal party members. Our true bragging rights are that we ROCK at pinning on boutonnieres. If there was an Olympic category for boutonniere pinning, we’d take the gold! (Sometimes I think we’re the only ones in the entire world that knows how to put them on properly, I swear.)

My favorite part of Amanda and Eric’s wedding was the Mexican food truck! OMG, amazing! Like seriously amazing. They had a large menu and they served pretty quickly! I scarfed down a DELICIOUS chicken burrito and Mark had tacos. Then, because he’s a bottomless pit, he went back and got a quesadilla. Between that amazing Mexican food, the candy table, and the cake pops, I was STUFFED. When we got home I fell on my back on the bed and whined, “I’m soooooo fuuullll….. TOTALLY WORTHHHH ITTTT!!!”

Stay tuned for Amanda and Eric’s wedding photos! The ceremony was beautiful, details unique and adorable, and I had some double-exposure fun! In the meantime, here’s a couple photos of their kids getting down with their bad selves on the dance floor!