Callie and Jason met in 2009 when they were fifteen years old. The couple used to visit Yosemite every March for Spring Break, just the two of them, so when they decided to elope, it was an easy decision. They brought their immediate families along and enjoyed a gorgeous day in the park.

Hair & MUA: Beauty by Corin
Flowers: The Enchanted Florist & Whatnots
Officiant: Sara Jourdan

“What first caught my attention was her beautiful long blonde hair.  It was so long I remember it always stood out.  What I love most about Callie now are her perfect smile and caring heart.  I love how she is so smart! She is like a walking dictionary haha. She is always by my side. She always has been my better half and brings out the best in me.  I love how we grew up together in our home town and share so many great memories.  She is my everything.”

“First thing that attracted me to Jason was his looks. He had this obnoxious long hair in his eyes and he would always flip it out of the way and 15 years old me fell for that very quickly. Think Justin Bieber in 2009! Soon after we began talking I fell head over heels for him because of how generous and kind he was. I was very physically attracted to him at first but fell in love with him for his warm and selfless personality. He is honestly the most generous and loyal person I have ever met. He always makes me feel like his top priority and I love that. He makes me feel like a princess and I couldn’t ask for anything else.”