Sara and Max are locals living in San Francisco, so they were familiar with the majesty of Yosemite. They brought their closest friends and family and got married in the clouds.

Hair & MUA – M.U.A.H. by Summer Bridal Team
Flowers – The Enchanted Florist & Whatnots

What Sara loves about Max:
“I was attracted first to Max’s smile and how friendly and approachable he was. He was also wearing a soft green sweater that I took with me when I moved to San Francisco a few months before he joined. He is immensely generous and supportive in my career goals, encourages me when I’m feeling overwhelmed, makes a concerted effort to get to know and support each of our friends, and is so good at making me laugh and feel comforted. He has a special gift for creating silly little games (like trying to “out-weird” each other) and things that match my stupid, dorky, random sense of humor. He’s always willing to interrupt what he’s doing to give me a hug and he’s really good at cuddling”

What Max loves about Sara:
“I really liked how comfortable it was talking with Sara. We had a lot in common and kept discovering more as things progressed. She was less guarded than most people, which made talking with her a joy. Looking back on our earliest conversations, she put up with a lot of bad banter, so I’m going to add tolerant to the list. Nowadays I love how easy it is to make her laugh and how clear it is how much she cares about those around her. I respect very deeply how committed she is to growing both personally and professionally. She is supportive, witty and very silly.”