Alicia and Cody have a lot of life inside them. They’re adventurous, animated, energetic, and so so in love. Like, so in love it’s gross. They make each other’s eyes light up. They laugh and play and dance! Working with them was an incredible experience.

And why did they choose to elope? In their words:

“Our third anniversary was our first year living together and we took a road trip from Salem, OR to Yosemite. We were both so excited just for a little getaway, and had no idea the lasting impact that trip would have. The absolute majesty of seeing the valley for the first time was so awe inspiring to witness together. Being two kids from MN, where there aren’t any type of mountains, it definitely made an impression of being one of the most beautiful places we’d seen together. We had an awesome time hiking and camping the whole weekend. Cody pointed out a wedding happening to me on our last trip in the valley and said, “That’s what we should do!”. So three years later, here we are!”

What Cody loves about Alicia:

“I’ve had a crush on Alicia for as long as I’ve known her. But the first time I really remember thinking “wow, she is beautiful!” Was in 11th grade in Mr. Freeberg’s math class. When we started hanging out more after our first semester of college I fell for her pretty quick for almost every reason. Her laugh, her smile, her intelligence, her open mindedness, her kindness, her compassion. You name it. She’s helped me grow into a better man and has helped me work through many personal struggles. I owe her a lot for the man I am today. We’ve built an incredible life together and we have grown so much. Nothing makes me more excited to think of than what we’ll accomplish together. ”

What Alicia loves about Cody:

” Absolutely everything. I mean, just look at him! He has the best smile I’ve ever seen! I have always considered him the most attractive person I’ve ever met. It’s hard to narrow it down to one quality, because I love all of him so much. I really love and appreciate how nice and kind he is to everyone. He’s made me such a nicer and kinder person just by being around him.”

A really kind gentlemen let us look through his telescope, where we could see climbers on El Capitan!

These two know how to make each other laugh, which is one of their favorite things about their relationship.


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