Kim fell for Adam’s intelligence, and she loves how he always does the right thing. Adam most loves Kim’s empathy and how she cares for others. The moment they realized they loved each other was when they were in the car on a hot summer day and the AC was broken. After a long walk, they ordered two bottled pops and even though Kim was as dehydrated as Adam, she opened his bottle of pop so he could have a sip first. That was when she realized how much she cares about him, and in turn made him realize how much he loves her. It’s in the small moments that the strength of a relationship shows.

This couple has truly fought for their relationship. They are Canadian, and for years lived several hours apart in Canada. When Adam took a job in America, right across the border, the drive was a few hours longer, but they still made their relationship a priority. Even though it seemed that their lives would never line up, they are finally married.

Kim’s unique, wild bridal bouquet was designed by the very talented Jennifer at The Enchanted Florist in Oakhurst.

Those leaves falling as he kisses her hand is everything.