THANK YOU to for featuring Dana and Derek’s Berkeley wedding! I forgot we were being featured until I was Tweeting about Celebrity Apprentice and I saw it on Twitter! We’re so excited that I can’t stop using exclamation points!

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We had the honor of photographing this beautiful couple in Berkeley, at The Bancroft Library and at the historic Berkeley City Club. It was a dream come true!

Dana was the first girl Derek ever asked out. She was working at The Bancroft Library on UC Berkeley’s campus, and he was part of the moving crew that was helping with a huge project. Dana is really something special, because no other girl had cracked Derek’s shell of shyness. What I love about this couple is that they lift each other up. Dana’s outgoing personality has brought Derek out of his shell, and Derek’s sweet, generous demeanor has made Dana the happiest she’s ever been. They are PERFECT together.

Derek wanted to propose on Christmas, over coffee and donuts from their favorite shop. When he got there they were closed, and he had a tiny nervous breakdown. Dana didn’t understand why he was so upset. It was just donuts! But he was determined, so they bought coffee and donuts from a gas station. Around the tree in their living room, Derek proposed, and of course she said yes. And they had a crazy proposal story about donuts.

They also have a crazy story to tell about their wedding. They live in Wisconsin and had planned to fly to California for the week before their wedding, but all flights out of Chicago were grounded do to a disgruntled man lighting fires at the airport. They couldn’t get another flight out of Madison, so they drove five hours to another airport, but still didn’t get to California in time for her bridal shower, so that was rescheduled for a later day. On top of that, she was sick with a terrible cold and had an inflamed bowel condition. Oh there’s more! On the wedding day, when we didn’t show up in the morning at the Berkeley City Club, Dana found out that she had booked us for the wrong day. (Literally my worst nightmare.) Thankfully, a friend and photographer filled in for us and captured the ceremony. While doing their portraits that afternoon, I told them the same thing I tell other couples that have wedding snafus: “At the end of the day, all that matters is that you got married.” And married they were, on Friday October 3rd. Even feeling like poo, this happy bride smiled for all her photos. She’s such a trooper!

Here are some of the portraits we captured at UC Berkeley and The Berkeley City Club. Enjoy!

We photographed their reception the next evening, and you will not want to miss the lively photos and crazy toast stories: David Brower Center Wedding Reception

Locations: The Bancroft Library, USC Berkeley & The Berkeley City Club
Gown & Veil: Beautiful Brides, Madison, WI
Suit & Top Hat: Men’s Warehouse
Flowers: Ocean View Flowers (wholesale); Lee’s Florist & Nursery, Berkeley, Ca (arrangements)
Baloons: Paper Plus, Berkeley, Ca
Makeup & Hair: Teresa Song, Concord, Ca
Berkeley Wedding Photographer: Dawn Kelly Photography