Liz and Edgar have an amazing relationship because they embrace each other’s weirdness. On their first date, Edgar pulled out a tiny board game, thinking it would break the ice. He was right, and Liz loved his creativity! Their romance is strong because their friendship is strong. They share a lot of fun interests, like comic books, obscure board games, hiking, backpacking, and of course, traveling to national parks throughout the country. Yosemite was the perfect place for these sweet lovebirds to get hitched.

What does Liz love about Edgar?

“He had such an outgoing personality, and connected with people very well. He had the barista laughing before he even started ordering. And he was confident!

Now, I still love his personality. I can be so shy, I love seeing him draw people into conversations or make a stranger laugh. And there’s so much more! He’s handsome, and incredibly smart. I love how we can make each other laugh even when the circumstances are pretty grim. He supports me, and challenges me to be a better person person in every possible way.”

What does Edgar love about Liz?

“She was super sharp and matter of fact. There’s a sense of clarity when speaking with her that’s hard to find. Not only was she my equal, but a challenge. Every time she’d laugh on our first date it pulled me in closer.

Now, I love so many things about her, it’s hard to bring it down to a simple answer. If I had to choose, it’s her attention to detail and unwavering efforts to make each day a step in the right direction. I feel like she’s the best person to spend my life with.”