Devin and James met in the fifth grade when he joined her class. They had crushes on each other and created an amazing friendship. After fifth grade, they were in separate schools but continued their friendship. It wasn’t until their senior year of high school that they started dating. Ever since they’ve been inseparable.

James had amazing childhood memories in Yosemite with his family. When he took Devin to Yosemite for the first time, she felt like a kid in Disneyland. They have so much love and appreciation for the majestic nature Yosemite has to offer, they knew it would be the place to tie the knot.

Hair & MUA: Wildflower Bride
Flowers: The Enchanted Florist & Whatnots
Officiant: Sara Jourdan

“What first attracted me to James was the way he carried himself coming into a new school as a new student (after being homeschooled). He wasn’t shy at all and was immediately loved by everyone! When we rekindled as teenagers, what attracted me to him was his sweet heart, his genuine personality, and of course those ocean blue eyes. What I love most about James, is that he has grown into an honest man. He treats everyone with kindness and respect. He loves me and my family no matter how ugly things get. He is my person.”

“In 5th grade, I was just 11 years old but when I first saw my future bride-to-be, I remember being blown away! She was so beautiful! Those beautiful brown eyes & that alluring face made my heart shiver in that special way for the first time in my life. I knew she was going to be special in my life, I just never imagined it would be in this amazing way. What I love most about Devin now, is everything that she is. I accept all that she comes with and love her fully. She has grown to be the most amazing woman that I know and she continually shocks me with her tenacity. We have continued to grow together in our love and in our lives and will continue adventuring together always.”