Sarah and Travis always knew they wanted to elope. At first, they were overwhelmed by the options because they could’ve gone literally anywhere. After some research, they decided to keep it in the US so the paperwork would be simple. Google led them through a maze of the most beautiful parts of the US, which ended in choosing Yosemite. The couple chose the park because of its majestic diverse beauty.

Officiant: Tim Madden
Flowers: The Enchanted Florist & Whatnots

The couple kept it simple, just the two of them, married on Sentinel Beach with love and prayer.

“What first attracted me to her was her quirkiness. The first few times we had seen each other we could not stop laughing because our sense of humors are identical. We clicked instantly and I’ve had a smile on my face ever since.

What I love most about her now is how much she genuinely cares about me, herself, the people around her, …and her plants. It gives me a true feeling of how great of a caretaker she will be to our future children and our relationship. I also really love her cooking (y’know the way to a man’s heart?).”

“At first, he made really good eye contact and was…not good at flirting, which is actually a very good sign. And he was tall, haha. After the first few dates I remember being surprised by how sweet he was – he’s actually a true gentleman, which is so unusual.

This might be too vague of an answer, but what I most love about him now is just how much he gets me. I can randomly sing and do a little dance in the kitchen, and he joins in. Or when I’m mad about work and taking it out on him, he’ll say ‘someone’s spicy today’ and then tell me like 10 jokes until I cheer up. He just knows what to do all of the time!”

The Bride’s simple, sleeveless mesh dress was a beautiful backdrop for her gorgeous, boho soft pink and green bouquet.

Fall is always fun because we get to work in the riverbed. I love the reflection and the variety of unique shots I can get.

If you fall down, I will laugh and take pictures. Fair warning.

Enjoy this gorgeous wedding video, crafted by Baker Picture Company!