Angela and Cody met at work. She was his dispatcher at a private EMS company and he worked on an ambulance as a paramedic. After a particularly rough day, he asked her out. He promised her a magical sunset, but he miscalculated and they sat on the east side of the restaurant. He promised to make it up to her, and he did so when he proposed, in front of a stunning sunset.

Hair & MUA – Wildflower Bride
Flowers – The Enchanted Florist
Officiant – Sara Jourdan

“He was sweet, kind, and very respectful. I could tell he had an honest genuine soul and I appreciated that our morals/values were in sync. I also was attracted to his love for his job. I thought it was very admirable how hard he worked and how much he enjoyed what he did. As a bonus, I thought he was handsome as well as attractive in how he carried himself and his style.

What I love most about him now is how patient and easygoing he is all around.  His loyalty and devotion to anything important to him. I love the way he makes me feel loved and safe.  I love that he is truly a best friend as I can talk to him about anything. That to me is a soul mate.”

“Well with her being my dispatcher I fell in love with her voice. I could pick this sweet southern belle out of a crowd. Anytime I heard her voice, it always made me smile. But it was more than the sound of it. She had a sweet calmness to her voice that could quiet a raging storm. No matter how upset I could be, I know that I can always hear her voice and know that everything is ok.

I love how she makes me better. I had no real aspirations, just fantasies of who I wanted to be. She’s helped me to figure out who I am, and the person I need to be. She’s always been kind, and patient. She’s thoughtful and has a lot of love in her heart.”

“We had to overcome having a relationship in the workplace. That was difficult. We made it work for a while because we were able to separate it but coworkers were not so eventually we both found other careers and are even happier now.”

“I personally had to overcome my own insecurity of being older than him. Occasionally I notice an age difference when I reminisce of times in the 80s or even 90s and well he wasn’t born yet or was too young to remember… haha but other than that I do not notice our age difference or even think about it anymore. Although I do have a fond memory that touched my heart in regards to this; when we first realized our age gap, he assured me that when we got old it just meant that he would be able to take care of me, even to “wipe my butt”.  Ahhh! Not something I want to think about but so cute and touching that that was his response.”  – Angela

“We’ve struggled with moving, family stress, loved ones passing away, one of us working all the time, and schooling. There’s been so much that could have made us drift apart or tore us down. But we’ve always fought for each other. I always know that no matter how busy I am at work, I will bring things to a grinding halt to make time to call Angela. And if I’m tired and need to go to bed, I’m going to fight it off as long as I can just to fall asleep in her lap halfway through a movie or show that she put on for me. No matter the problem or struggles that we are going to go though, I’m going to always be right there at her side ready to take on the world.” -Cody

Why Yosemite?

“Well, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel with my Dad on a few trips where he took me to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Glacier National Parks, and many other national forests. That is when I discovered my love for NPs. When I started dating Cody, we had a mutual love for nature and so we explored Yellowstone, Great Smoky Mountains, and Rocky Mountain National Parks together. After he proposed, it was an easy decision to get married in nature.  We explored some local outdoor venues but after showing him the pictures of Yosemite and Dawn’s website, we agreed without a doubt that was the spot for us!  We also liked the fact that we could explore a new NP (especially being Yosemite!!!) and have a vacation, wedding, honeymoon all in one!  Then to top it off, Dawn’s website was so informative and organized, plus her photos are magical so we were sold so much that we waited two years until we could make it happen!”  – Angela

“We’d looked into all the different ways of getting married but we’ve never really been traditional. We started looking into elopements when we fell in love with Dawn’s photos. As time went on we saw so much beauty in Yosemite. And as two nature people that love hiking, and nature parks, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be married in a beautiful park.” – Cody