Meadow and Brian wanted to keep their wedding simple and romantic, and it was a total win. They did their First Look at Jensen Botanical Gardens in Carmichael because they wanted that moment to be intimate between just them. Of course tears of happiness were shed when they saw each other for the first time. Then it was nothing but grins and laughter.

They’ve both been through very hard times, so they understand each other. Brian’s first wife passed away from brain cancer when they were married a year. She was only nineteen years old. Meadow went through a very tough marriage, then lost her way for a while. After many years of healing, when they met and started talking, they knew they were right for each other.

One regular evening, after a long day, Meadow stopped by Brian’s to spend a few minutes with him and say goodnight. While sitting on the porch, he said, “Do me a favor and close your eyes,” and proceeded to paint a beautiful word picture of their life together… in paradise with their children… in the ministry together, etc…. She started crying, and he said, “Can you picture it?” She opened her eyes and said, “Of course I can.” He said, “I love you so much and I’ve known for a very long time.” He got down on one knee, and said, “Will you be my wife?” and slipped the ring on her finger as she said yes. He got her exactly what she asked him for, a sapphire solitaire set in white gold. She sat on his lap, wrapped her arms around his neck, and just started crying uncontrollably. They both knew that it was an “at last” for both of them because of all they’ve been through. Now they could be happy and make a family together.

Brian’s son James absolutely loves Meadow. He was honored and excited to walk her down the aisle. During the ceremony, the officiant included James in the ceremony, talking about what his father loves about him and how much his new stepmother has learned from him. After the ceremony, James loved taking photos with his new official family.

The ceremony and reception was in a close friend’s backyard, simple and laid-back. The flowers were DIY, the bride’s dress was from Lulus, and an elder they’re close to performed their ceremony. Their family and closest friends celebrated with them over a brunch spread including delicious food and crepe cake by the Martinez Family. The bride and groom danced together as husband and wife, starting their journey together.


The bride and groom did a First Look, which was very sweet.

Jensen Botanical Garden is absolutely gorgeous. There are unlimited options for beautiful portraits.

Most of the time, I didn’t even have to pose these two. I just let them talk and be cute together.

When the bride led us to this area, I fell in love. I love the architecture of the branches against the sky.
Taken with black and white Ilford film.

The bride and her mother before the ceremony.

The groom’s son walked the bride down the aisle.

The officiant included the groom’s son in the ceremony.

During the prayer, the bride tried to hold back her tears.

The bride and groom with their son, their first family portrait since making it official.

Black and white tilt-shift photo of bride and groom

Crepe wedding cake

This crepe wedding cake with edible flowers was perfect for this elegant and simple backyard brunch wedding.

Polaroid photo booth idea

The bride and groom provided a Polaroid camera for the guests to take photos with. They clipped the photo to this frame to make a special keepsake.

Sapphire engagement ring

The bride’s ring consisted of a sapphire solitaire and band in white gold.

Groom ring inscription

The groom’s ring had a beautiful inscription.

Just as the bride started to lose it…

Crepe wedding cakes

This crepe cake was light and delicious, the perfect end to the brunch reception meal.