We got to know Linda and Joshua when we did their engagement session in Monterey. They’re a very fun and sweet couple. He loves to make her laugh, and they have a strong friendship. If I had to choose one thing that makes Linda and Joshua an amazing couple, I’d say it’s their love for God. Their wedding ceremony at Vintage Gardens was rich with scripture and flanked with prayers. At their reception, their guests toasted the couple with spiritual advice and encouragement to put God first in their relationship. These are the ingredients for a successful marriage.

The couple was on a budget, and photography was the most important thing to them. In order to keep the cost of the overall event down, they used some money-saving tips:

  • They chose a Friday late afternoon/evening date. Most venues have discounted pricing on Fridays, so if you’re planning your wedding, be sure to ask.
  • A good friend did the flowers, which were silk.
  • Much of the decor, including the centerpieces, were purchased at discount stores like Ross. Now that the wedding is over, the bride can sell the items on Craigslist or in a Facebook group.
  • A friend served as their DJ

Even though they spent less than some weddings, it was still an elegant, beautiful, fun wedding with delicious food (because that’s all I care about). I don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money or go into debt in order to be happy with your wedding. My biggest advice to brides is to not panic if something isn’t perfect. Don’t freak out if the florist can’t get the exact shade of pink roses for your bouquet, or if the bustle in your dress isn’t perfect, or if your ceremony starts late. Who cares?! All that matters is that at the end of the day, no matter what happens, you will be married.


Vintage Gardens wedding dress hanging

Alice in Wonderland wedding chairs

These chairs at the head table remind me of Alice in Wonderland.

Tablescape Vintage Gardens

Vintage Gardens always set up the reception space beautifully.

Bride getting ready at Vintage Gardens

Vintage Gardens bridal suite

Bridesmaids Vintage Gardens

Bride getting dressed at Vintage Gardens

3D nail art bride

Bride putting on shoes

Bridal party Vintage Gardens

Bridesmaids making goofy faces

Champagne glasses toast Vintage Gardens

Bridal suite Vintage Gardens

The bridal suite at Vintage Gardens is perfect for photos because of the neutral color pallet and the large mirrors. I can do creative shots of the bride getting ready.


The Bride's "Something Old"

The Bride’s “Something Old” was a vintage beaded purse, perfect for the bride to keep lipstick and a handkerchief. Her mother was with her all day.


Vintage Gardens grounds

The grounds at Vintage Garden never disappoint! It’s always manicured and set up beautifully.

Black & white pic ceremony Vintage Gardens

Ring bearer Vintage Gardens

Groom watching bride walking down the aisle

The groom was overjoyed with emotion when he saw his bride walking down the aisle toward him.


Ceremony gazebo at Vintage Gardens

The ceremony at the gazebo was romantic and beautiful, as usual.

Bride groom holding hands ceremony

Sunny ceremony at Vintage Gardens


Groom saying vows at Vintage Gardens ceremony

Prayer at Vintage Gardens ceremony

Kiss at Vintage Gardens

Little girl blowing bubbles Vintage Gardens

Candid bride groom after ceremony

The first moments alone after being named Man and Wife!


Elegant bride Vintage Gardens

Linda is incredibly elegant and looked like a bridal dress model.

Bride groom Vintage Gardens

The light was so beautiful and the plants were so lush, making this a perfect spot for portraits of the bride and groom.

Black and white bride with long veil

Bride groom veil pic Vintage Gardens

Bride and groom walking Vintage Gardens

LensBaby tilt-shift 35mm optic

A creative tilt-shift photo of the bride and groom in warm sun is always a hit.

Bridal Party Vintage Gardens

Bridesmaids Vintage Gardens

They promised they wouldn’t smash cake in each other’s faces….